For barbecue

Goods for barbecue from TM MOUSSON – is the perfect combination of functional content and materials of the highest quality. Mangals designed so that you can easily decompose them and transported cook meals on skewers, grill and grill spit. High quality materials (including hot rolled steel and burnished food steel AISI 304) guarantees longevity of products from TM MOUSSON.

For tourism

Tents TM MOUSSON create your perfect vacation, wherever you are. Construction tents MOUSSON developed considering all possible needs and wishes of our customers, and new materials and technology can easily assemble and transport our products.

Garden swings

Swing TM MOUSSON – is not only a business card of your yard, but also a complete rest and comfort for you and your family. The ergonomic design of the swing and the use of high-tech textiles highest quality will allow you and your family enjoy your holiday whatever the weather.

Video about barbecue PROMETEO

Today we present you a brand new product MOUSSON – Transformers line barbecues PROMETEO. PROMETEO Mangals transformers are made of hot-rolled steel with a thickness of 2 mm, plus metal for barbecues PROMETEO niello the process that protects the metal from corrosion and high temperatures. The meaning transformer grill is a grill that is transformed into a convenient case, that quickly decompose and is as a solid product without any specific details.

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